About Me

A first-generation Chinese-American, I believe that baseball is for everyone. Domestically, I want to increase baseball’s profile with Asian-Americans. Globally, I want to tap the incredible potential of places like China, India, Indonesia and Nigeria.  I would like to work on a community level to create—and integrate—family and social baseball-events into everyday life.   I also want to make the game more competitive worldwide, and conduct humanitarian work.

I like long walks on the beach.

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  1. William, I'm back again. I have come off an awesome summer in Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have established a connection with Little League Baseball In Outlook. They have 5 diamonds available in August. We will also have classrooms, gymnasium, dorm rooms, dinning hall, swimming pool, and much more. Then in Alberta, Canada, I have made connections with one of Canada's biggest Little League coaches. The University of Calgary, in Alberta, wants players 17-21 years of age. William, I have discovered a baseball goldmine. We need to work together to develop these camps, and bring Chinese (China/Taiwan), Korean, Mexico, and South American teams to Canada. I need more Chinese team contacts. Help me! You can either come to Canada in the summer as a baseball consultant, or I can pay you a finder's fee for Chinese teams that successfully come to Canada! What do you think? Gerry Chambers, Principal in Chengdu, China. 1434391052@qq.com

  2. Hi william, i would like to share some insights with you on china baseball.
    Can i have your we chat account or e mail add? Fb is fine as well.
    Thanks Leo

  3. Hi William,
    I'm traveling to Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong with my baseball-crazed 13 year old nephew. I would love to take him to see a practice, game, anything while we're there. Any ideas? Thanks! Melissa

  4. Hai William

    Is there anyway to watch and or keep updated on the China Baseball League ?

  5. Howdy William, love your passion for the game. A true gift. I get it. I’m coming to Beijing in July. Are the Tigers playing? How do I find out? Keep up the great work.