Friday, June 15, 2018

Milwaukee Brewers sign Pitcher Jolon Zhao 趙倫(Not Official), Other Baseball News Update!

(Picture from MLB Weibo)

I posted about Jolon early last year when he pitched in the U18 Asia-Pacific Tournament. Now, he has become the 4th player from the China MLB Development Center to sign with a MLB team. According to this Instagram post, Jolon has signed with the Milwaukee Brewers. There's been a lot of hype going around about him because of Rob Friedman's twitter post showing Jolon throw 95 MPH. That's really fast for a 16 year old! He's been playing for the Alexander Aces of the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League. There hasn't been any official announcement yet from the Chinese media, but they did post about him on Weibo last week.

It seems like Jolon is more highly touted than the other players, but 2/3 of them hasn't even started playing yet. I believe Jolon will pitch in the U18 Asia Baseball Championship in August. Can't wait to see how he does!

UPDATE: No official signing as of it. We'll just keep it as a rumor for now.


  • Speaking of MLB China players, Itchy Xu has been promoted to Short-A and will play for the Aberdeen Ironbirds! He is the first Chinese player from the developmental center (and only...) to reach this high! Maybe I can make a trip down there to watch him play! 
  • If you haven't heard by now, a few players from the China national baseball team joined the Texas Airhogs of the American Association Independent Baseball League. This means the China Baseball League will not likely be played again this year (sucks...I know). As of right now, the Airhogs are dead last with a 5-20 record.  
  • There are two players with Chinese descent that were selected in this years MLB draft. Pitcher Jake Wong was selected in the 3rd round by San Francisco Giants and OF Steven Kwan was selected in the 5th round by the Cleveland Indians. I believe Jake's paternal side is Chinese. I am not so sure about Steven ---  could be Korean? Still, we root for Asians here! 
  • There's a YouTube channel by the name Super Jake. There's a couple of videos of MLB developmental players taking batting practice. Check it out!

That's it for now! Hopefully in a few years these players will help Team China qualify for a spot in the 2021 WBC since they got knocked out last year. A few years ago, I couldn't even imagine how many Chinese or Chinese American/Hybrid Chinese would be playing in the minor league system. Thanks for reading and have a great night! Greatness awaits!

Monday, April 16, 2018

2018 China Baseball Update!

Hello everybody! I haven't updated in a long time. Not a lot of news coming from the East, but I'll give a short update!

Here are the list of events for China Baseball in 2018:

  • It looks like China Baseball League will start around May. Just a pessimistic reminder that the league did not take place last year. There hasn't been any post about the match ups yet too. 
  • China will also participate in the WBSC U15 World Cup. Some people on Reddit are upset about this decision because China replaced other more deserving countries. As for me, I am definitely okay with this! 
  • MLB also signed a deal with Tencent Inc. to stream live games in China. Tencent is a BIG company in China with over 960 million monthly "live" users. As long as its accessible to people, baseball will gain a bit popularity(I hope).
  • The three musketeers of China baseball Itchy Xu, Gong Haicheng and Justin Qiangba did not play in any minor league games yet. They will probably remain in Rookie league. Here's a nice Chinese article about them. 
That's all for now. The good thing is that baseball has been reinstated at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics which has renewed China's interest in strengthening baseball. Hopefully CBL won't be canceled again this year. Isn't 2018 going by really fast? 

Also, for those who e-mail me, I apologize for not responding, but I am still around. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!