Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Boston Redsox Sign Tibetan Baseball Player - 强巴仁增 Qian Ba Ren Zeng

The Boston Redsox have signed their first China born baseball player - 强巴仁增. He will be the third player from the MLB China Baseball Developmental Center to come play in the United States. Not a lot of information about him, but here is the rundown:

强巴仁增 - Qian Ba Ren Zeng (Justin)

  • Born in 01/01/2001 - He is from Tibet! Hence the long Chinese name!
  • Listed at 180 cm and 78 kg
  • He plays Shortstop and Catcher - I heard he has more offensive and defensive skill than Xu Gui Yuan 
  • He is from the Nanjing MLB academy and is currently preparing for the Annual 11th Asian Youth Baseball Championship. 
  • Will join the Gulf Coast League Redsox in August. 
  • Very attractive young man and I'm not stroking egos!
Weibo Blog - more photos of the signing here

Once there is more information about Zeng, I will update ASAP! This is very exciting time to be a fan of Chinese Baseball (I'm full of it)!

Other Updates:
  • Xu Gui Yuan played a few games this season and hasn't had the opportunity to play everyday. What gives man?! Here are his stats so far Baseball-Reference
  • Gong Hai Cheng has been official listed on the GCL Pirates website, but is currently inactive. Also, I found out his contract is only about $10,000 USD. 
  • Still no update about this year's China Baseball League schedule - I hope it's not canceled...

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great morning! I can't sleep!


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