Sunday, January 29, 2017

Future Prospect Watch: 趙倫 Jolon

Name: 趙倫 Jolon
Date of Birth: 08-29-2001
Height: 180 cm         Weight: 70 kg
Position: OF/RHP

I'm a bit late, but I recently found out about Jolon, a 15 year old from the MLB China developmental center. He pitched for Wuxi( as you can see above) during the Little League Baseball U18 Asia-Pacific Tournament. There's a recent post of him clocking his fastball at 89 MPH which is pretty good for a 15 year old from China. Other than his fastball, I do not have any scouting report on him. If the media is talking about him, then he's doing something right to stand out! He'll probably add a few miles to his repertoire in a few years. 

There was also another youngster I talked about earlier last year宮海成 Gong Hai Cheng. He's a bit more advanced than Jolon and his fastball reached 90 MPH. I don't have a lot of info about him too, but these two pitchers are definitely on the rise. Hopefully they will join Itchy Xu in a few years in the States.

Here's a small clip of Jolon pitching against Taiwan (He gets wrecked...)


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  1. Never knew there was baseball in China too. I honestly think that baseball is one of the most difficult sports, especially for the batsmen.