Friday, May 27, 2016

CBL 2016 Opening Day!

Professional baseball is back in China! Here are some pictures from the 2016 CBL Opening Day. Thanks to my friend Nikki Nee who provided me with such wonderful pictures. Now I have something so show for in this blog!

Just a few notes about CBL and Opening Day:
  • The Beijing Tigers trashed The Jiangsu Pegasus 17-12. I didn't see any other scores around the league, but I will list the complete boxscores after Memorial Day weekend. 
  • CBA, CBPL and KBO executives attended the opening ceremony. As you can see from above, a large amount of fans showed up for opening day. Baseball is quite popular in Wuxi. It's one of the top cities in China where baseball is tolerated...
  • From the official CBA website, it is noted that the same format will be used from last season. Top team of Division 2 plays the lowest ranking team in Division 1. The loser will be relegated. 
Here are additional links about CBL(All in Chinese, Sorry!)

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend. For my Non-American friends, have a great weekend as well. Have a great night!!! 

Mah Picture! ^ ^

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