Friday, October 2, 2015

A Look at Taiwan's Premier 12 Roster, Schedule...

Whoa! It's October already?!

Not a lot of baseball news coming from China, but we can take a look at the Taiwanese roster in this upcoming Premier 12 tournament. China won't be participating because...they aren't one of the top 12 ranking baseball teams in the world according to WBSC/IBAF. It's alright, China will always be number one here!

Anyway, we'll root for our cross straight rivals since they are kind of like the next of kin...
There's a lot of good talent on the team, including NPB and former and current minor leaguers. I've included links to all of their stats if you're interested:


Head Coach: 
郭泰源 Kaku Taigen - The legendary Taiwanese pitcher of the Seibu Lions will be coaching the first ever Premier 12. Interesting story about him. He could've been a MLB player, but because his brother had some sort of business debt he signed him over to a Japanese club.

陳禹勳 Chen Yu Hsun - RHP - Lamigo Monkeys
林柏佑 Lin Po Yu - RHP - Lamigo Monkeys - Former Chicago Whitesox farmhand 07-08.
潘威倫 Pan Wei Lun RHP - Uni-President Lions - He was one of the top pitchers of CBPL from 2003-2010, but injuries hit him hard.
陳鴻文 Chen Hung Wen - RHP - Chinatrust Brothers - Former Chicago Cubs farmhand 07-11, made it to AAA.
羅嘉仁 Lo Chia Jen - RHP - EDA Rhinos - Made a brief appearance for the Houston Astros in 2013. Had a rocket arm with no control.
倪福德 Ni Fu Te - LHP - EDA Rhinos - Was one of the first pitcher (and only) to jump from CPBL to MLB. Pitched for the Detroit Tigers 09-10.
林子崴 Lin Tzu Wei - LHP - Uni-President Lions - Not to be confused with the Boston Redsox prospect. He got a huge signing bonus to play for the Lion (Only 20 years old and 92 mph fastball)
王鏡銘 Wang Ching Ming - RHP - Uni-President Lions
陳冠宇 - Chen Kuan Yu - LHP - Chiba Lotte Marines - Having a decent second year in NPB. Here's a clip of him.
郭俊麟 Kuo Chun Lin - RHP - Seibu Lions - Having a horrible rookie season. Throws 96 mph.
羅國華 Lo Kuo Hua - RHP - Minnesota Twins - Been in the minors since 2012, another flamethrower, still in Rookie level.
呂彥青 Lu Yen Ching - LHP - National Taiwan Sports University - Youngest pitcher from the group
宋家豪 Sung Chia Hao - RHP - Uni-President Lions - Was drafted this year, throws 94 mph.

林泓育 Lin Hung Yu - Lamigo Monkeys - Top hitting catcher of CPBL
高志綱 Kao Chih Kang - Uni-President Lions - veteran catcher of the league
張進德 Jhang Jin De - Pittsburgh Pirates - Had a breakout year at A+ level, should be going to double A next year!

郭嚴文 Kuo Yen Wen - 2B - Lamigo Monkeys
陳俊秀 Chen Chun Hsui - 1B - Lamigo Monkeys - Having a breakout year, leading the league in RBIs.
林智勝 Lin Chih Sheng - SS - Lamigo Monkeys - One of the most popular player in CPBL. Also having a crazy year, sometimes a jerk.
林益全 Lin Yi Chuan - 1B - EDA Rhinos - Another player having a crazy year, top 5 in HRs, RBI and AVG.
陳鏞基 Chen Yung Chih - SS - Uni-President Lions
林志祥 Lin Chih Hsiang - 2B - Uni-President Lions
蔣智賢 Chiang Chih Hsien - 2B - Chinatrust Brothers - Was in the minors for along time with Boston Redsox. He will join the Brothers next season.

高國輝 Kao Kuo Hui - EDA Rhinos - Was in the Seattle Mariners system from 06-11. He broke the CPBL homerun record this year. Here's a clip with most of his dingers.
張建銘 Chang Chien Ming - EDA Rhinos - Veteran player, still hits for average.
張志豪 Chang Chih Hao - Chinatrust Brothers
陽岱鋼 Yang Dai Kang - Nippon Ham Fighters - Hero of WBC 13, having an off year due to injuries. Really nice guy!
王柏融 Wang Po Jung - Lamigo Monkeys


  • Chien Ming Wang. Remember him? He declined the invitation due to the long season he had. I still think he wants a shot at the Majors before calling it. Good luck to him!
  • Peng Cheng Min, the popular first basemen from Chinatrust Brothers, won't be participating as well. He signed a 10 year deal with them in 2011 and will spend half of those remaining years being a coach. 
  • Other missing notable prospects: Tseng Jen Ho, Wang Wei Chung, Tzu Wei Lin (Redsox)
  • Major leaguers won't be in Premier 12...WBC 17 is far away...

As you may have heard by now, the tournament will be hosted in Taiwan and Japan. If you're interested in catching a game in Taiwan, you can find more information about the ticketing process here. Most of the Taiwan matches will be sold out, and the non-Taiwan matches will be...empty. Anyway here's the first round matches for Taiwan:

Location: 台中市洲際棒球場(台中市北屯區崇德路三段835)
Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium (Taichung Beitun District No. 835, Sec Zonta
6:30 PM
Taiwan -- Netherlands
6:30 PM
Italy -- Taiwan
6:30 PM
Taiwan -- Canada
6:30 PM
Taiwan -- Cuba
12:30 PM
Puerto Rico -- Taiwan

Outcome and Bold Predication: Taiwan will win it all. 台彎加油!

Well, that's about it. If there's any questions please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to find out for you. Also, if there's anything I'm missing let me know!

Quick reminder before I depart. There will be the 5th annual Cross-Strait Baseball tournament taking place this month on 10/26 - 10/30. There aren't a lot of media coverage about it, but I'll dig around this time!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. Hurricane Joaquin is coming through!