Sunday, July 26, 2015

Other Players From MLB China Developmental Center, CBL Video...

Here's an interesting entry from the Wechat blog about other MLB DC players from China. Four players will be joining the Europe 2015 MLB Elite Camp on August 1st. You might remember Liwi Huang 黃立威 and Aaron Cheng 陈燕鹏 from the Australian Baseball League. Here are the other two we haven't met yet!
  • Liu Yu Jun 刘宇钧 (Taz) is an 18 year pitcher originally from Taiwan who is currently in the Changzhou development center. He can throw around 142 km/hr (88 mph) with great command and has a very solid curve ball. It's not a 100 mph, but he must have something the coaches liked so I'm rooting for this kid to do well! 加油!
  • Suo Nan Da Jie 索南达杰 (DJ) is outfielder who is also from the Changzhou development center. There isn't much about him, but it looks like he can switch hit. I'll update as soon as I get more information about him. Also, good luck to this kid too! 
In other news...

If you're wondering how games are like in CBL, here's a 15 minute video of some games played earlier this year. Can't say it's doing great, but at least people are enjoying baseball in China! Week 3 of CBL will conclude on 7/30 and the playoffs will start 8/7. Also I forgot to report that the Henan team won the division in group B of CBL so they will go on to face the original CBL teams in the playoff. 

That's it for now. I hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for reading and have a great evening! 

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  1. Chinese baseball is often underappreciated and overlooked. I hope these players get an offer from a MLB team and show the world what they can do!