Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Meet the Guiyang Foresters! 贵阳森林人棒球队

Let me introduce the Guiyang Foresters (贵阳森林人棒球队), an amateur baseball club located in Guizhou province.

Since being established in 2009, they have recruited over 30 members to the club. They welcome all backgrounds, from young teenagers to people who can't even play at all. Their main goal is to provide a platform for people who loves to play baseball, but also to exchange friendships among those who are passionate about the sport (tried my best to translate!). As you can see in the pictures, they barely have any field to play on (or any baseball field it seems). If you want to join them or get to know the city better, here's their schedule and contact info:

Guiyang Medical College Soccer Field 贵阳中医学院足球场 - Every day from 10 AM -12 PM.
Guizhou University 贵州大学 - Every Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM
Contact Info: QQ group - 34085177

Just some little things about Guiyang...

I had the privilege to visit this wonderful city last year. It's very cold during the winter time, but the climate is great during spring and summer. Most people probably don't know where Guiyang is. If you ask someone to point it out on the map, they'll probably just laugh awkwardly. Also, Guiyang is an up and coming city. A lot of development and construction projects going on there and we'll probably see a lot of skyscrapers in the near future. Besides having great spicy food, hot pot, goose noodles and famous hot springs, it has an amateur baseball team! Kudos to the Guiyang Foresters for spreading the game they love. Hope more and more people will notice baseball there!

Anyway, I want to congratulate Taiwan for winning the under 21 Baseball World Cup. They beat Japan 9-0 to take home the gold medal. In case you haven't noticed, my family is from Taiwan and Hong Kong, but no political stuff here! Thanks for reading and have a great day!  福氣啦!

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