Sunday, August 24, 2014

MLB's "My Player" (一球成名) Reality Show Crowns Winner!

It looks like the MLB Reality Show (一球成名) has concluded in China and Chen Xin Jie 沈欣杰, a student from the MLB Development center, was crowned the winner of the contest. He went up against a million contestants and beat out the runner-ups by at least 13 million votes. He and hottie MLB ambassador Tong Xuan Yi 童苡萱(somewhat famous actress) will be flying to New York for an ultimate baseball tour. Good luck to Chen Xin Jie and hope he will make it to the MLB someday.

The show started in April hoping to catch people’s interest in baseball and MLB. While I haven’t seen an episode yet, the contest wasn’t some serious hardcore training show. What if MLB decided to do a “Million Dollar Arm” in China? I think it’s worth a shot if the show can be marketed correctly. Just take a look at those singing reality shows in China. People love to see the concept of “nothing into something”. If they can capture the competitiveness, the struggle and the hard work from young players, it would garner interest and support from the public. Plus, ballplayers make a ton of money, but that can’t be advertised. Anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Here's a short clip of the kid:

Update 8/27: It looks like the tour will continue into Tianjin this coming weekend. The direct translation is "My Player", but they call it "Perfect Pitch". Anyway, here's the poster for their promotion. If you're in China, go check it out!

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