Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chinese Roster for Asia Games, Cross Strait Tournament in Taiwan

Here’s Team China’s 24-man roster for this upcoming Asia Games in South Korea.

Head Coach: 宋平山 Song Ping Shan
Pitching Coach: 呂建剛 Lu Jiangang – was a decent pitcher, played in the Chunichi Dragon minors, nicknamed “Taiwan Killer” for beating them.

王偉 Wang Wei – C – Probably the most well known player on the team.
孟慶遠 Meng Qing Yuan – RHP – Beijing Tigers
楊海帆 Yang Hai Fan – RHP – Beijing Tigers
劉寧 Liu Ning – no details
國濤 Gao Tao – 3B – Jiangsu Hopestar
翟源凱 Di Yuan Kai – OF – Beijing Tigers
崔曉 Cui Xiao – 2B – Beijing Tigers, WBC 13, former Yomiuri Giants farm player(2006)
李鑫 Li Xin – LHP – Tianjin Lions - 22 year old southpaw. Did well last year in cross strait tourney, got bombed in WBC by Cuba. Probably the ace of the team. Clip of him here.
李梓踉 Li Zi Liang – RHP – Tianjin Lions
孫建增 Sun Jian Zeng – Pitcher – Tianjin Lions
張皓玥 Zhang Hao Yue – IF – Tianjin Lions
楊順意 Yang Shun Yi – OF – Tianjin Lions
奇濟平 Qi Ji Ping – OF – Shanghai Eagles
張想 Zhang Xiang – Pitcher – Jiangsu Hopestar
褚夫佳 Chu Fujia – IF – Jiangsu Hopestar, played in WBC 09,13
杜曉磊 Du Xiao Lei – IF – Jiangsu Hopestar
陸毅 Lu Yi – IF – Jiangsu Hopestar
陳浩 Chen Hao – OF – Jiangsu Hopestar, WBC 09
李帥 Li Shuai – RHP – Henan Elephants – WBC 06, 13 (same name as a football player)
孟偉強 Meng Wei Qiang – C – Guangdong Cheetah, WBC 13
唐煒 Tang Wei – IF – Guangdong Cheetah
那閻 Na Yan – IF – Guangdong Cheetah
冉松 Ran Song – LHP – Sichuan Dragons, Clip of him here pitching in 2012
羅夏 Luo Xia – RHP – Sichuan Dragons

There aren’t really any scouting reports on these players, but most of them are pretty young. Wang Wei is the only old man on the team. You can check out the entire roster for other teams here. (In Chinese)

There’s also going to be another Cross-Strait Tournament held in Taichung this month. Four teams from Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong and Jiangsu will be competing against other cities from Taiwan. You can read all about it here. It’s good to see political issues being put aside, but I hope the Taiwanese would do more to help the Mainland Chinese progress in baseball. In recent years, they have sent coaches to China to train with the professional players, but that’s about it. The CPBL should develop and market their brand in China to help with the league's financial problems and recent television deal dispute. One or two players from China in CPBL will definitely get some Chinese tourist over to watch some games (Or at least I hope). I would hate to see the CPBL fold or go through another gambling scandal. Anyway, more news to come and thanks for reading.

8/19 Update: It looks like the Cross Strait tournament concluded already. New Taipei City beat Tianjin Lions 6-1 in the finals to win the championship. It doesn't seem like there's any recordings of the game on YouTube or any Chinese media website. I didn't know it was this short. Oh well.. Asia Games here we go!

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