Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Welcome! 大家好!

I’ve always been intrigued with the possibility of baseball being popular in China. There are probably millions of untapped potential who might become the next Yao Ming of Baseball. But why hasn’t baseball jumpstarted or become a hotbed like Latin America? Because no one understands the sport and considers it niche. Baseball is a beautiful game if you understand the art of pitching, fielding, hitting and base running.  It’s also a paradise for statistic nerds like me, who can stare at numbers everyday but can’t really explain what they mean. There are simply too many fundamentals to the game which the general doesn’t have the patience to learn or to understand. If you watch basketball and soccer, it’s quite a straightforward sport to understand (pass, shoot, kick and play injured).  So how can the game of baseball be promoted and become popular in China? Heck, I wish I knew.

However, I do know that baseball is being played in small communities in many Chinese provinces. These amateur clubs that often post in Chinese forum called Baidu are looking to recruit more players everyday hoping to spread and teach the sport.  Because of that, I was inspired to write a blog about Chinese baseball, hoping to be part of a movement that will popularize the sport!

Here are the lists of things I want to do with the blog:

  • I will try and summarize any news about baseball development in China whether it’s published by MLB or Chinese Baseball League which is re-launching this year after being folded in 2011.
  • Introduce various amateur clubs that are currently playing in many different cities. Hopefully they will let me use their pictures (if I can ask in Chinese…).
  • I will try and use Weibo (which is kind of like Chinese Twitter) to reach out to professional players and interview them about baseball and their passion for it.
Lastly, I really just want people to know that baseball is being enjoyed in China.  They might not have a proper training facility and equipment or even a baseball diamond to play in, but it takes a lot of heart to play a sport in a place where it’s not appreciated. I hope I could help with the cause. Remember, big things come from small beginnings (from Prometheus the movie). Thanks for reading if there are any readers at all!

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  1. Great first post, very "you". Keep the funny going with the baseball knowledge!